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No Partition Found On Custom iPod 5.5

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The issue is probably the 3rd party disk.  What is the exact version of rockbox you were running?

The file says 1.4.1

That is the version string from Rockbox Utility, the program you're running on your PC.  I'm asking about the version of Rockbox running on your MP3 player.  It will be hard to help you without knowing what you are running.

Well, I have already uninstalled it, after following philden's instructions. I'm not trying to hide any information, I just don't know where to look. I came here because I was pretty clueless on how it worked in general, and just wanted it off my ipod til I had time to figure it out.

Do I need to put it back on my ipod to find out what you are asking?

If the .rockbox folder is still on your device, you can look in the rockbox-info.txt file.  If you deleted that already, then if you try again try the current build rather than the stable release and see if that works. 


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