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No Partition Found On Custom iPod 5.5

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Hello, I made an account just to ask this question.

I just bought a custom built ipod off Etsy. It's super cool. I had the idea that it would be even cooler with Rockbox on it. Maybe it would be. I thought I could just install the correct version, and all would be well. But apparently Rockbox is a bit complicated, and not for people new to customizing the way an ipod works.

I haven't even had my new ipod for 10 minutes and it's telling me "No partition found. Insert USB cable and fix it." in white text on a black screen, since it looked like that mattered on a post I skimmed looking for answers.

I am somewhat tech savvy, but right now I work a lot, and just don't have time to learn all of this.

Can someone please just tell me how to get my ipod back to the way it was before I tried to do this? I am way out of my element here, and just want to relax, and listen to things on my new device.

Thank you.  :-[  :(

Did it ever work in rockbox?  Does "custom built" mean flash memory instead of a hard disk? 

It was built with a 128GB SD card in it, with a transparent cover, and rainbow backplate. That is why I called it custom built.

Rockbox loaded once, and I went to load the database, or something of that nature, and it crashed. Now I get the Rockbox startup screen before seeing the message of No Partition Found, etc.

Can you get back to the original Apple OS? Hold Menu and Select until the iPod reboots then quickly turn the hold switch on. It should then restart in standard iPod mode.

Yes, that gets me back to the original Apple OS just fine.


OH! Thank you! I get it!

I plugged it back in that way, my laptop recognized it, and I was able to uninstall.

Next time I go to do this, I will look up some youtube videos on it or something.

Thank you so much for the help! So quickly, too!


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