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Thanks Everyone Added!

Frankenpod that video report is perfect recentish build turns on plays music thats good enough

Updated a 7th gen to the e09df1ce5b-210403 dev version, and for a moment thought 'oh no, it's not working' because it produced no sound when a track was played.  But it turned out the audio jack connector had become physically disconnected (it's a recent flash mod, probably didn't close the connector catch properly), and after re-openning it and fixing that all seems to work so far.

(finding the ability to alter volume via the quick menu screen is a useful tweak)

Rockchip rk27xx         Tested version e09df1ce5b-210403 , boots up into menu, but quickly skips and cycles though any selected tracks without playing any thing.
Samsung YP-R0          Works! version e09df1ce5b-210403
Sony NWZ-E384        DEAD, waiting for a new battery
Creative ZEN X-Fi      Works! version e09df1ce5b-210403
Creative Zen X-Fi2     Works! version e09df1ce5b-210403

Need to charge up the rest of my players to test the rest!

Cela Rockchip rk27xx
would you be available to test builds for us at some point in IRC?


--- Quote from: Bilgus on April 03, 2021, 10:51:35 AM ---Cela Rockchip rk27xx
would you be available to test builds for us at some point in IRC?

--- End quote ---

Last build I installed was from 2016! , I think I modified the build for the button configuration so It's probably not an issue with Rockbox, I'll try and find the button patch and retest it, probably not worth spending a lot of time on as rk27xx is just a reference build that some of the Hifiman players use, don't have an Hifiman so can't test if they are affected.  My player is just an unbranded cheap Rk27xx on its last legs.


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