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I tested some devices using Version e4345f2db8-210411 and report the results:

iAudio X5 generally works, but pictureflow crashes and open plugin doesn't work from the wps context menu
Creative Zen X-Fi3 works, but has no sound on radio and has constant noise especially when using a sd card
Olympus M Robe 500 hangs on boot like other builds, only c710ab65bd-200512 works
iriver H10  6Gb works


--- Quote from: cela on April 03, 2021, 10:49:27 AM ---Rockchip rk27xx         Tested version e09df1ce5b-210403 , boots up into menu, but quickly skips and cycles though any selected tracks without

--- End quote ---

I got the HIfiman HM-602 going, and it works fine with no issues at all.  It's built on the same rk27xx SoC family, so it would seem that any issues with the generic rk27xx port are either due to something unique to that port or the hardware itself.


Don’t know if anyone is still monitoring this thread … I hope so. I’ll try to send this message to the developer’s IRC, but not sure if I have the capability to do so right now.  Sorry for the long note, but I’m trying to give as much detail as I can.

This is for the iBasso DX90 player (which is shown as untested for current builds in the list of devices).

The DX90 boots and plays music with the latest daily build (2022 0122) BUT there is a problem with the builds that came about sometime between August 2020 and December 2022.
I can’t comment on the various plugins, scripting etc, as I’ve not used these, but the below is the only issue I’ve found in displaying, playing and navigating files.

The problem is that Rockbox thinks it is plugged into USB power even when it is not.
•  Every theme I try always shows the device as plugged into usb power and not running off battery. 
   The themes that show a percentage of battery remaining and the stock status bar do so properly,    but they show as plugged in as well.
•  Backlight  (and hence touchscreen activation) only responds to the “Backlight (While Plugged In)” setting,
   the General Settings: Display: LCD Settings: Backlight is ignored  (ie, I can set Backlight time to 15 seconds, and
   backlight (while plugged in) time to 60 seconds, and the backlight stays on for 60 seconds, no matter what.
• The Backlight Exemptions are enabled but the exemption settings are ignored, and the “disable on external power”
   setting also does nothing.  That is, the backlight turns on when there is any key press at all, even when that key
   should be exempted (like volume up/down).  The keys appear to be mapped correctly in other functions, so the
   problem is likely rockbox thinking it is plugged in.
• USB mode (mass storage, charge, ask) the “ask” doesn’t function, but that’s probably because it thinks it’s already
   plugged in. It also doesn’t switch between modes when plugging in while a key is pressed, I imagine same reason.

This problem exists in the 3.15 builds I have been able to find from Dec 28, 2021 to Jan 22 2022.
(I don’t have the environment/capability to do a build from source).

An August 4 2020 build mostly works:
I retrieved a rockbox dx90 build from the Wayback Machine, for Aug 4, 2020 - this was the only earlier v3.15 I could find, and this does mostly work - themes correctly show either plugged in or battery power, the display backlight operates properly, and all but one of the backlight exemptions are working, the exception being the play/pause button which wakes up the backlight even when the exemption is set.
I don’t know about USB settings, because the “ask” option isn’t implemented for this build.

Also, a suggestion: I appreciate very much the development builds for the DX90, but if daily builds are being done on a device, please keep around/make available the base version of the release somewhere, probably in the Rockbox Manual Install Archives.

BTW, I really like the addition of the ability to get track info (artist etc) from the playlist viewer that was implemented in the Dec 28, 2022 build - a good job!.  Hopefully the above issues can be addressed in the latest builds, as I’d really love to be using this feature (the above backlight problems make rockbox not so good for my usage so I’ll use an earlier version for now).  Please let me know if this message is noted and/or addressed.

My thanks for your / the developers attention and efforts over the years -

Hmm.  This is strange.  We have a report of the DX50 working, and that supposedly has an identical base platform (including powermgmt) to the DX90.

For sanity's sake, can you rename your existing .rockbox directory and extract the current nightly build and see if that works properly?  I want to make sure there's nothing lingering in the configuration that might cause this..

OK - done. Still have the problem - I agree, very strange.

Extracted 20220126 build and installed.  There was no config.cfg file, so it used all defaults.

• Theme and status bar both showed plugged into USB power when it was not.  I had not set up any configuration at all, and still the status bar showed plugged in as did the stock WPS theme.
• I changed the backlight (while plugged in) time, and the backlight operated as if it were plugged in (only paying attention to the (while plugged in) timeout).
• I then set the volume, seek, skip and play/pause keys to be exempted from waking up the backlight (and enabled the options).
    The volume, skip and seek keys worked as they should.  The play/pause key still woke up the backlight no matter what.
• USB mode “ask” doesn’t ask, just goes directly to mass storage

Just for so, I copied my default configuration file to this .rockbox and rebooted- there was no difference to the above findings.
For whatever reason, rockbox thinks it is running plugged in.

The August 4 2020 build works, theme and status bar and backlight all operate as if running from battery power (although it does have the problem with the play/pause key waking up thes backlight) - both with and without a config.cfg file on boot.

So, sometime between August 2020 and now, something broke.
Could some bit of DX90 specific code be checking if it is plugged in and always returning “true” (or something similar).

Also - and I have no idea if this applies to the above issues, but just for completeness with potential issues on DX90:
   I was looking around at some of the plugins, and the Stopwatch plugin breaks with
      apps/stopwatch.lua: 283: attempt to call field ‘touchscreen_set_mode’ (a nil value) stack traceback: 
      /stopwatch.lua:23 in main chunk



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