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Looking for Beta Testers for next release

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We need beta testers to make sure all the targets still work with the latest dev builds

There have been a lot of changes since the last release.
we need to test all the targets in the build list with recent development builds if we are
to release them in the next stable release

If you have a device that you know for sure works with a current dev build (and is not already in the table)
give us a comment

Thanks -- from all of us!

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PS. Have issues? See us in IRC!

20 % coverage so far

How recent do you mean by 'recent'?

I've been using fairly recent (last month or so) releases in ipod classics and videos.  Just yesterday updated a video to the latest dev release - it seems OK so far.

Only issue I've had, as I probably mentioned previously on the forum, is that sometimes the ipod forgets that it's supposed to turn the backlight off after N seconds (until you go into the menu and set the backlight shut-off time again, whereupon it starts working correctly again).  Still can't quite work out under what circumstances this problem starts happening, though playing a game from the plugins seems to be one way to cause it to happen.  Don't remember this happening with older versions, from, say, last year?

Sony NWZ-E353 works fine for me.

I don't know if it is stable though.

One thing that has been fixed: "Audio stutters when backlight is off"

issue has been resolved for some time now.

The following boot and play music:
SanDisk Sansa e200     
SanDisk Sansa e200v2     
SanDisk Sansa Fuze     


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