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Rockbox repair / rebuild community service


I am mainly a programmer but I have been developing my technician skills. So I have been pondering this idea for awhile now. Rockbox doesn't support many new targets as of late, which mainly leaves a host of old ports. Some of these targets are really rare now but some are still common enough to show up second hand.

So I was thinking of offering a repair and/or rebuild service for people interested in Rockbox hardware. If what they are seeking isn't too rare I can probably procure the necessary parts and complete their requested task. I would mainly ask for my expenses to be covered but I would not charge for my labor at this point.

Is this someone people would be interested in? I would mainly be offering this to residents of the US due to shipping constraints. Thanks.

I have a "brick" Sandisk Clip+ that need to be un-bricked.  I tried to PM you but could not. ndcook1213 at AOL dot com.

What makes you think it's bricked? I've seen your posts but they're all somewhat vague.


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