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Can the bootscreen be made selectable?


As I have multiple rockboxed ipods, one thing I'd find useful is if I could give each their own bootscreen (so it's easy to see 'this is the podcasts-only one' 'this is just music', and so on).  I suspect, maybe, there's a reason why the bootscreen is embedded in rockbox rather than an external image file - perhaps it avoids a possible point of failure or keeps the core of Rockbox smaller or something?  But if it were possible to have that screen as a customisable .bmp file I'd find it useful.

Sure it'd be possible
In times past the party line was to keep the logo and leave it embedded both to speed it up and to make it harder for Joe blow to mark it as their own
even if you replace the logo in the firmware the boot loader still displays its copy first so might be a compromise there..


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