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Cayin N3 Port - Who to contact?

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Hi all,

I miss my little Sansa Clip+, but I like the fanciness of my Cayin. Unfortunately the firmware is a little lacking compared to Rockbox. I'm interested in getting a Cayin N3 in the hands of a developer who can hopefully make this happen. I think there are a whole host of these chinese Hi-Fi DAPs with small changes between each, so maybe once one is done, the next should be easier.

I know there have been a couple threads already where the answer was "a dev really needs one on their desk to do this". Who might I contact about this? Is there an official way to go about this?

Google says it's an ingenic x1000 device, so possibly someone working on the x1000 ports might be interested.

Usually though ports are done by the device owner (i.e. you) since most developers already have more then enough players to work on. Maybe in this case the device is close enough to something else that someone would want one.

Yeah, the Cayin N3 appears to be based on the same hibyplayer platform as quite a few of our other targets; I don't expect it would take much work to port over Rockbox.

My main concern is that this model doesn't seem to be easily purchasable, at least not in the US; there are also only two available (used) on ebay.

It does seem questionable to go through the trouble of doing a port when the hardware can't be purchased any longer.

EDIT:  I forgot to add, if you're willing to send me one, I'll definitely poke around with it but I can't promise any specific outcome

I was just about ready to pull the trigger on the used one on ebay, but your note on availability gives me pause. Maybe it really isn't worth the effort on a player that nobody but a few bought. I appreciate your offer to look at it!

I guess I thought they were still selling new - I hate how fast these product cycles move. I'm starting to think maybe I should grab a FiiO M3K since it seems like you're already getting pretty far along with that (and it seems you can still get them new?). Maybe I could help in some way with that too.

I'll sleep on it and see if this is yet another thread on this player that goes nowhere  :P

The N3 was introduced in 2017, and its last firmware update was in 2018. 

I'm confident adding it will be pretty easy, but my concern is purely their unobtanium state.

The m3k is actively being worked on, and appears to be readily available, but I would never make any promises about that either.  :)


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