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2 questions:

1.  How do I take a screencap of a theme?
2.  Is it right for me to submit this theme?  It's a modifycation of several other themes, with other stuff added on.  It's basically to make the perfect theme.

Where would I go to submit a theme?

1) Using the screendump feature of Rockbox. It should be in the manual, if not let me know so we can get it added.

2) How do you mean "submit?" Do you want to just add it to the wiki like other themes, in which case you just go and do that, or submit it for inclusion in Rockbox, in which case you have to read the guidelines at the CustomWPS page.

Remember that all art created by other people is copyright them, so for you to submit it for inclusion or redistribute it, you need permission.

Then if I make a new backdrop, would it be perfect?

What is the normal resolution of the ipod, so I can get to work on a new backdrop...?

The Nano is 176x132 I believe, 24-bit bitmaps.


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