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Can't delete dynamic playlist in XDuoo X3ii

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You can use the context menu on the WPS to select Playlist->Reshuffle after using the "Clear List & Play Next" option. Would that be helpful at all?

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Hello chris_s,

Not quite, it's the workaround that I'm using right now but it's not immediate as it was before. Besides, the first song of the playlist/folder always gets played at start and after shuffling it remains there.

Thank you for pointing me to the translation site.


--- Quote from: dhugas on March 14, 2021, 06:40:51 PM --- Maybe a possible way could be to add another item to the current playlist menu like "Clear List & Play Shuffled"?

--- End quote ---
You can now find this functionality in the latest daily build or recent development builds of Rockbox.  :)

 ;D Thank you very much! ;D


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