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Can't delete dynamic playlist in XDuoo X3ii

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Since update 436e64e09e (changelog) I'm unable to delete dynamic playlists before they finish. This is due to change abebc6b9ac ( that avoids deleting dynamic playlists while the playback is stopped.

Until this update I erased the dynamic playlist by selecting another album/folder/playlist and choosing "yes" at the confirmation menu while playback was stopped. This was very useful when I wanted to insert a shuffled playlist directly from a folder. Now I'm only able to add songs to the dynamic playlist, whatever is in it, and I can't find the option to erase the playlist before it finishes. I've looked at the manual from other builds but it seems there is no option for XDuoo. Does somebody know how to do that?

Thank you for your help.

I will forward that to the appropriate dev thanks for the report!

Thank you!

Update, the playlist code has been updated in latest DEV versions does this work for you?
other Thread,53758.0.html

Hello again,

I have tested the latest build 714f7a21da and although there is an option to "Clear List & Play Next" in the current playlist menu, it doesn't allow to shuffle new tracks after clearing the previous playlist. I have read the thread you pointed to and it seems that the XDuoo x3ii doesn't behave exactly as the iPod 6G as I have followed the instructions in this post,53758.msg247896.html#msg247896 and it doesn't delete the playlist as in the iPod, but it adds the songs. I have searched if there is another way to clear the dynamic playlist (leaving it empty, so to speak) and I can't find a way either. Maybe a possible way could be to add another item to the current playlist menu like "Clear List & Play Shuffled"?

On the other hand, how can I help translating Rockbox? Can someone point me somewhere to start?

Again, thank you!


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