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Shortcuts updates [Core not plugin]

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I must have missed the one on the main menu I'll get it next

As far as where it returns when done  I'll have to look into it, I mean we have a way to
push and pop the current activity so it should be possible

I'll look into the icons and making the exit keys match as well

Ok, I think thats all sorted now

Opx now returns back to WPS - cool!!!

But exiting Shortcuts menu still always leads to main menu for me. Can this also be changed?

> can we also quit Shortcuts menu on Home button (Sansa Clip Zip)

It doesn't work for me. HOME button still does nothing in Shortcuts menu. BUTTON_HOME is treated as exit button in quick screen and most others menus but does nothing in Shortucts menu. That's what I meant initially. Seems related button mapping for quicksrceen:

Regarding icons it seems now plugin icon is always used even if it's shortcut for BROWSE action to some particular folder or file. So if someone uses Shortucts menu for folders bookmarking (not me) - might find this confusing. If it's hard to show plugin icon only for "runnable" items - maybe just return back directory icon to avoid further questions...

And thanks for your work

try long press home.. I did make it ignore it if the context button == quickscreen button but that won't matter for the clipzip

Also the icons, that is a fine of control as it has do you like the folder icon or plugin icon for the Browser shortcuts... folders should still get a folder icon though looking at the code

>try long press home
Yes. Long press works as exit.. But it's not common way for exiting menu lists. I was hoping to have consistent way of exiting lists via simple HOME button press.

> folders should still get a folder icon though looking at the code
Nope. It's displayed as plugin for me... Though I'm not terrible concerned about icons - just an observation. Also when I tested Igor's build (related commit)- icons were properly shown for apps and directories.


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