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Battery reporting is here


My additions to the rockbox USB HID driver are now merged and Battery Strength support has been implemented. This means compatible operating systems should now be able to report the battery level of any connected rockbox devices that happen to support the USB HID driver. I have at least confirmed it working on fairly recent Linux desktops.

Can someone else test this on some other operating systems?

Don't have another OS to test other than Manjaro Linux but I noticed that reporting doesn't display for Benji T6/ Rocker, I'm guessing this feature is only for non-hosted targets, handy feature non the less and works well for me on Fuze+, Clip+ and Creative Zen X-Fi1, thanks!

Indeed it doesn't. It only works on native targets.

In other news I'm currently working on implementing MTP support for native targets. With any luck it will also bring with it the ability to control and monitor rockbox.

Where would one look for this battery information in Windows (10)?

It only works on Linux because windows has never supported the underlying method used. For some reason it doesn't support HID battery strength out of the box. No idea about Apple land.

I'm planning to implement MTP support for this and see what supports that. If nothing else does then I can try writing a remote control application for hosts to make it work.


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