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OpenPlugin the plugin for opening plugins?

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You can also browse to the plugin and choose openwith open_plugins and it will do the same but you can't get to viewers from the main menu so its easier to do it manually

I added an entry 'Add' to the main menu to address your concern it will only add it if there are no other entries though
so delete plugins.dat from .rockbox/rocks/ and re-open open_plugins and you should now have an entry ADD

OpenPlugin should now allow you to choose supported filetypes and automatically use the default plugin registered for the file type
you can still edit what plugin you want to open the file (in case you don't like the default)
but you will still have to run the OpenPlugin ahem plugin ( found in apps ) if you want to edit it

you can even choose a bitmap to be displayed at startup in the imageviewer :)


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