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Announcing the announce_status plugin


Announce Status Plugin


The announce status plugin allows you to use the voice system to announce things in the audio stream

currently the list includes:

* Time (If applicable)
* Date (If applicable)
* Track name (spelled)
* Artist name (spelled)
* Track Elapsed / Remaining
* Playlist position
* Battery level
* Sleep Timer remaining
* Running time
The input for announce format is actually a parsed string of options
while you can edit the items directly to get your preferred order I've included preset options.
If you choose to manually edit the option string the input box helpfully has all valid options for the parser

DT current time
D1 'time'
DD current date
D2 'date'

TT title (spelled)
TA artist (spelled)
TE elapsed
TL length
TR remaining
T1 'elapsed'
T2 'remaining'
T3 'of'

PC current track
PN total tracks
PR remaining tracks
P1 'track'
P2 'of'

BP level (percentage 0-100)
BM remaining time (HMS)
B1 'battery level'

RT runtime (HMS)
R1 'running time'
RS sleep timer remaining (HMS)
R2 'sleep time'
R3 'remaining'

Now that we have configuration out of the way (don't forget the preset options if this looks daunting)

Not quite out of the woods yet though...

You can choose to get announcements each track change or only when you run the plugin again
it would get quite annoying to have to go run the plugin every time you wanted a status update though

Enter the WPS HOTKEY
now we will assign the wps hotkey to announce_status
Settings>General Settings>Hotkey>WPS Hotkey
choose 'OpenPlugin' NEW,53771.0.html
browse to 'demos'
finally choose 'announce_status'

Now you should be able to press your wps hotkey and get status updates on command (see device manual or source for WPS hotkey)

This is actually a plugin running on top of the WPS screen and as such running other plugins stops the announce plugin
so if you only choose the track change option you should probably set the announce plugin to open on startup and keep
in mind that you may have to start the plugin again later


TSR plugins now restart automatically after you close the plugin that interrupted

if you want to exit announce_status for good run the plugin again and hold a button
you should hear decreasing beeps till the settings menu appears choose 'Quit'


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