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Fixing Search text entry for Fiio M3K



I am trying to work on a bug in the search function for the M3K version's button controls. I have everything set up on a Ubuntu machine I have, and I can successfully make changes and upload everything. I am just sifting through the files and I am struggling to find the files that are common to all ports, things like the menu options and what I'm most interested in, the search page.

Where can I find these files to start poking around? Does anyone know the file path to the code for the text entry is? Thanks!

The apps/ folder is parts that are mostly common to all ports. firmware/ is the firmware bits that are more variable between devices.

Awesome! Thank you! I’ll take a look through. I found a file called “keyboard.h” but changes in it didn’t seem to have any effect, I’ll take a look again and see if there is a Fiio specific version or if I missed it


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