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Rockbox iPod 6G-Dynamic playlist delete issue in any build after 422aa56-210205

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If you want to listen to a single album only, you can simply enter the directory for the album and press Select on the first track (which will also add the rest of the tracks in that directory).

The other scenario (listening to all albums of a performer) is admittedly something that isn't (well) handled anymore due to the recent change, unless playback is paused (not stopped), in which case you can select "Play Next" instead of "Insert" in the context menu. I will propose in the developers' chat to either revert the change for the time being, or to make "Play Next" also available in the context menu when playback is stopped (the code would need a few adjustments for that to work though) which would also achieve what you want.

The manual isn't updated yet because the change still needs to be reviewd, sorry about that. The chat is open to everyone if you want to chime in:

As for the prompt: It only appears when you've modified the playlist in some way. The information about whether a playlist has been modified currently unfortunately isn't saved across restarts of your device. So, the warning may not not always appear when you would want/expect it to.

Hi cris_s,

thanks for your reply. Well I found a sort of workaround. Works like this:

1) While playing - press MENU and go to the directory I want to play (either one album ort collection of albums)
2) Long-press SELECT
3) From the Context Menu screen select "Current Playlist"
4) In the Current Playlist screen select "Play Next"
5) Confirm the "Erase dynamic....?" question by pressing SELECT

That is even easier for me (I do not have to stop the playback).
Stay safe !

Glad to hear it. You too!

Hey, chris_s

I notice on the patches list you've fixed the filetype colors bug?  If that's the bug I'm thinking of, thanks, because its been, er, 'bugging' me, for a long time.  Not sure from the description if it's the same bug, but it sounds like it.  What I'm thinking of is when a theme has a colours file that changes the text colours you get when file browsing, but then you can't reset those colours back to default again, so the text becomes unreadable when you use a theme with a different background colour from the one you started with.  (Hard to check if it the bug's still there because it only comes up when applying themes that meddle with those colours in the first place.)

Hey – I've responded directly in your thread on this:,52930.msg247934.html#msg247934


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