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iPod Mount Point errors

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If downloading a newer build is such a barrier, it might be easier to go find a Windows or Linux PC and simply use the official installer. 


--- Quote from: Cahl on February 26, 2021, 11:08:59 AM ---It seems like v1.4.0 is the most current one available for Mac though...? That's the one that's listed on the release page, and I can't tell what I'm downloading on the Google drive you linked due to their cryptic labels.

--- End quote ---

Change to list view in Drive (icon at the top right) and get the dmg image, there's only one. It's even newer than 1.4.1. And those filenames are not exactly cryptic, they identify the exact version in git -- which isn't a typical version number but can be looked up in git, and git is the tool we use for version control.

Okay I got the new one via the dmg file. AND! I got one step further. This version does recognize the ipod and does provide options. It asks which version I want to install and provides the different components. Everything is now click-able. But, as soon as I hit "Install" the program closes and offers a "Rockbox quit unexpectedly" error. I've tried half a dozen times, seeing if un-checking any of the components makes a difference, and also attempting the Daily Build version. Same result every time.  :(

Ok, so it shouldn't crash. Have you tried running auto detection in the configuration dialog? Does it correctly find the Ipod or have you selected it manually? What options have you selected in the main screen before trying to install? I guess this also happens if you only select Bootloader and Rockbox? Also, what does the Help / Troubleshooting / System Info dialog show for the Ipods filesystem?

Also, after the crash please start it again. Then go to Help / Troubleshooting / System Trace. Use the "Save previous" button to save the log of the previous run to a file. Then post the file somewhere so I can have a closer look what's happening here.

Hi bluebrother. Been a while since I've had time to sit down with this again. Once more, I am stunned by what seem to be needlessly complicated protocols on what I hoped would be a simple install. I cannot get the program to not crash. I've downloaded the log file after the most recent crash, but I have no way to decipher its meaning. And unfortunately, .log files are not allowed on this forum. I'll paste in the text in the next comment.



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