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The current RockBox does not seem to allow uppercase cases with extensions.
e.g. cover.BMP
Furthermore, since the supported extensions are only jpg and bmp, please support png as well.
Some Japanese mp3 stores have png format album art, so there should be demand.
The cover art I have set is
I would like to support png and upper cases such as PNG.
Is there a problem that the png format cannot be supported?

PNG is hard to support since it needs a lot of memory and CPU to decode.

I'm surprised about capitalization. If that is true that should be very simple to correct.

From the forums, I found that the image viewer supports png.
Doesn't it support artwork png even if it is a user option?

Only the PNG format of music art purchased from the store needs to support uppercase letters.
I don't know if this is in demand for bmp and jpg.
However, if you edit the tag of the purchased music data directly, the error will be displayed only locally in the purchase history of the store.
I think it's appropriate to let RockBox handle it.

saratoga, the Linux targets are case sensitive, e.g. Folder.jpg doesn't work, folder.jpg does.

If its specific to those devices I don't have any way to test, but I think you could edit try_exts() to check the uppercase versions of the file extensions too:


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