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Check all playlists for songs that don't exist anymore


I sometimes encounter the situation where my playlist will reach a track that I've deleted, renamed or moved to another location, at which point Rockbox pauses playback which I would like to prevent. I guess it would be possible (although maybe not advisable?) to change Rockbox so that it automatically skips songs from a playlist that don't exist. Alternatively, I thought about purging my playlists from songs that can't be accessed, which would be trivial to script on a Desktop OS. Is anything like that already out there to run directly on the Rockbox OS? I'm guessing it could easily be accomplished by writing a plugin, right? Or maybe even a Lua script?

Seems like a good idea.
I don't find this happening much because I maintain playists in my music manager and re-export them with every sync.  But I have noticed the behaviour you mention if tracks are moved and I fail to re-export the updated playlist.  It's kind of annoying, and just skipping the missing track would seem much more sensible behaviour.


--- Quote from: Frankenpod on February 18, 2021, 11:37:05 AM ---just skipping the missing track would seem much more sensible behaviour.

--- End quote ---
Interesting. Just found this:

Looks like it used to work that way.

Yes, seems like that's the issue - an unintended side-effect of some over-enthusiastic efforts at optimisation, I guess. 


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