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iFlash Solo – perfectly reliable iPod/sd-card combos

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Fwiw, the info from the OP is outdated as there've been further changes since then. The current dev build, at least in my experience should now work as-is both on an iPod video and iPod 4g (monochrome) when combined with an iFlash solo, possibly depending on the SD card used... Not sure about the iPod color though.

There's a somewhat more recent iFlash compatibility discussion going on here:,52560.msg253273.html

For what it's worth, I get intermittent ATA errors upon Rockbox startup/intermittent hangs during database build using:

* iPod Classic with iFlash Solo
* Rockbox dev build from ~1 week ago
* SanDisk 512GB Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I full size SD Card (SDSDXXD-512G-GN4IN), compatible with iFlash Solo per
The setup typically doesn't have issues when booted into the stock iPod UI, but I was once able to get it stuck in a series of "Red X" boots that I haven't been able to reproduce since it first happened. I haven't ruled out the ribbon cable yet but it's my current suspect for the intermittent issues I'm seeing in Rockbox with this setup.

It's been a few years since I messed around with Rockbox, but I always remember it being "Rock" solid.

Seems it's quite broken now. I do appreciate its free / open-source and devs give their time freely etc, so not a criticism, just an observation.

My experience:

Ipod Classic 5.5G with iFlash quad and quality micros sd.  Rockbox USB disk mode is borked. I've tried stable/daily/dev, all fail in the worst way, copy files from PC to ipod with no error message but files are corrupted on the ipod disk leading to track play weirdness
Ipod Classic 3G with iFlash CF adapter. Rockbox freezes, panics, reboots. Again stable, daily, dev builds. It's completely unusable.
Sansa e200v2 Rockbox USB disk mode borked. Copy starts but then goes slow and then fails with write error.

However on all 3 players above the stock OEM firmware performs flawlessly (albeit with the stock limitations). So suggests the hardware is not fundamentally the issue.

It would certainly be useful to have some documentation on what hardware mods and build version combinations are stable. Maybe I've just been unlucky, but 3 out of 3 fails seems like some fundamental usb/disk issues going on in the code.

Wish I had the dev skills to help out...all I can give is karma and respect...


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