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--- Quote from: chris_s on February 07, 2021, 03:18:51 PM ---Isn't Rockbox Utility still a 32bit-app (as of v. 1.4.0) ? On Big Sur, at least, I'm unable to launch it for that reason. Catalina also supports 64bit apps only, as far as I'm aware.
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The released 1.4.0 binary is. You can build it as 64bit binary :)

--- Quote ---While older versions of MacOS should be able to run the app, in my  you need to launch Contents/MacOS/RockboxUtility inside the app bundle using sudo from the Terminal (i.e. with elevated rights), as Rockbox Utility will otherwise not work as expected.
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This only applies for bootloader installation, and only for some players (Sansa e200 / c200, Ipods, though I don't know about the Ipod Classic). But it shouldn't "just quit" (assuming this means crash) -- if you try to install the bootloader in such a case without using sudo bootloader installation should just fail.


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