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China CD-028 little panel mount video,music player module using F1C100s SOC

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Not sure if this has enough ram? Looks like a recent soc, ie not as ancient as i imagined. So maybe the noise floor is like a typical laptop for example, I don't expect fiio m3k dap silent noise floor ;).

Thinking it would be great for diy portable sound system use with rockboxs powerful fiters, Like the EQs high pass to limit sub bass, perceptual bass enhancement :). Another target for recent USB host support. Not sure if the aux/line-in is connected to the soc? i think it is.

Curious if anyone considered it?

SOC datasheet:

Example little panel mount video flac ogg mp3 decode module:,scm-url:1007.13338.183347.0,pvid:6b5d5ff8-bd82-42b9-9d33-6ff278153359,tpp_buckets:668%230%23131923%2351_668%23888%233325%2312_3338%230%23183347%230_3338%233142%239889%231_668%232846%238114%231999_668%232717%237566%23824_668%231000022185%231000066058%230_668%233422%2315392%23500

Found a thread for a portable game handheld using same soc:,53444.msg246582.html

The SoC is more than capable (~500MHz ARM926, 32MB RAM) and is well supported by upstream/mainline Linux.

Keep in mind that this thing isn't meant to run directly off of a battery, and only has a line output.

But there's no technical reason why a rockbox port (hosted or native) isn't possible for this thing.  It's just a matter of applying sufficient elbow grease.

That sounds like a fun little project, and the fact that its a well-documented ARM9 is about as good as it gets short of using one of the already supported ARM SOCs.

Glad your both interested  ;D :D.
Great it does have enough ram and speed :D

Yea shame it doesn't have more outputs. then it could be a crossover for sub and tops :D.

It has a built in dc-dc converter to give it a constant voltage power supply.

The aux input is a connector on the back. Ran out of room on the front panel i guess.

It also has a video output. hmm send full screen album art + track artist & name to larger 2rd screen? or visuals? i think there was some plugs ins, like uv meter,etc. cheap mini 320x240 projector i am thinking could be fun. or little event graphic image via video out.


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