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I am using a Ipod Classic last gen with Rockbox

if I want to improve, is there a better DAP using Rockbox that is available,

thanks for the answer

That depends on your definition of "better". The iRiver H series has excellent sound, as does the Toshiba Gigabeat. The Sansa Clip Zip is small, sounds great, and runs Rockbox smoothly.

Personally, I just upgraded my 6th gen iPod Classic to 1TB of flash storage, a new case, and a new battery. Rockbox is running well and sounding lovely.

If you're happy with your iPod Classic, what's to improve?


The Ipod llassic gives a very good sound.
I got also a FiiO  X7 MK 2 at double the price but it is not as flexible
for instance I cannot tune my Iem's s as well because rhere is no parametric eq

otherwise the FiiO sounds a little bit wider and airy

Ii am always looking to find a better sound,  I am probably an audiophile !!

If you are applying EQ then you are not an audiophile.  ;)

If you can find me a set of IEM that do not need any corrections below lets say a thousand dollars

waiting for your set(s)


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