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play all songs randomly

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See in the context menu of the "Playlist Catalogue" entry in the main menu. Seems this has been changed but the manual still reflects the old entry. Though it's usually not too hard to find such things (I simply tried :) )

Note that your ability to shuffle all songs is limited by the maximum capacity of your playlists. There is a setting for this, but the maximum allowed value is 32,000. So if you have more than 32,000 songs, you won't be able to shuffle them all.

There is also this thing you can try. It worked for me.

Why not using an external program to create & manage playlists on the iPod?
I am using WinAmp and listFix() with great success.

There seem to be many approaches to this issue, and some don't work if your library contains more than 32,000 songs. My objective is not to make a random playlist of all of the songs, but to make a random selection from the full library. So I have my playlist limit set to 2,000 although my library currently contains about 65,000 tracks.

Database --> Track
long select
Current Playlist --> Insert Shuffled

Seems to work the way I desire, and is fairly quick.


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