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help iPod Mini 2nd gen stuck on apple logo after missteps

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I accidentally remove rockbox bootloader then i stupidly restart it with the previous content now it's stuck on apple logo

i think the rockbox firmware is still on the ipod rip without the bootloader...

i tried using disk mode didn't work it's just apple logo bootlooping.

Anyway to fix this? Because the ipod didn't connect to pc anymore best i can do get it into the folder exclamation icon or the diagnostic mode but diagnostic mode is useless on the ipod mini.

Please any help is appreciated thanks for reading my post

You should be able to force disk mode. In disk mode you can restore the Ipod (either manually, or using Itunes). If that's not possible my guess would be a broken hard drive.

Uninstalling the Rockbox bootloader doesn't cause the behaviour you described, you'd only end up in the Ipod only booting the Apple firmware. So either you need to try harder in forcing disk mode (that will *always* be possible but sometimes it's a bit tricky) or you have a hardware issue.

I tried entering disk mode but it's just apple logo bootlooping once and then apple logo just static

I don't think the apple firmware is there...

Anyway to enter that forced disk mode you tell me about?

Disk mode is stored on a ROM chip soldered to the motherboard.  Unless you ripped out the chip, the disk mode is still there.  I'd double check that you're using the right buttons to activate the Mini disk mode.  Lots of instructions out there. 

its hold the select button and play or pause button right after holding menu and select button ?


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