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iPod Mini won't update battery status

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The battery level on my 2G iPod Mini only refreshes upon bootup or plug-in. Otherwise is stays static at whatever percentage level it started. Kind of makes it impossible to know how much battery is left, which really cripples the usability.

Looks like there are a few other threads from iPod users of various models with similar battery level issues.

How can we fix this?

UPDATE: I have traced the issue to database updating. If auto-update is enabled, or the update/initialize functions are invoked through the settings menu, then both the battery meter and disk indicator get stuck.

Reading battery status through debug menu still works as expected.

I think I'm having the same issue. The battery indicator doesn't seem to have any meaning :D

UPDATE: On 3.14 the battery indicator gets stuck once the database update process happens. So if auto-update is enabled, say goodbye to battery updates. On 3.15 it's just stuck all the time.

Any update/input on this? It's kind of a game-breaking bug here. Can't use Rockbox if I can't see what my battery is!

Trying a dev build doesn't help anything.


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