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Additional battery capacity options (iPod Classic)


Rockbox is useful to iPod owners who replace their hard drives when the original fails, or just to increase the storage space.  Together with that mod, many owners also put larger batteries in.  However, on the iPod Classic the maximum battery capacity you can select in Rockbox is 1000mAh.

It might be useful to add some more options.  I personally have a 2000mAh battery in my iPod Classic, and many people go all the way up to 3000mAh.  Since the battery capacity options already exist in the menus, this is not a new feature but more of an expansion on an existing feature.

I don't know what the benefit would really be, though.  As I understand it, the only function of that number is when estimating the remaining battery life - and that seems to be kind-of a guess anyway, and probably will depend on the exact characteristics of the replacement-battery.
Also, it seems you _can_ set the figure to "3000" (though I doubt the batteries with "3000" printed on them are truly 3000mAh - given that all the 'extra large' batteries are roughly the same volume they are probably all about the same capacity, maybe 1900mAh?) by editing the 'fixed.cfg' file to put that in there. 

I have these lines in my fixed.cfg file
battery capacity : 2000
max files in dir: 9000

Not sure if that truly does anything, mind.

where is the location of fixed.cfg so i can modify my batery stat?



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