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Some files won't play (Sansa Clip Zip)

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I've got some very specific cases of whole albums that won't play.

For example, all MC Frontalot's albums that I got from Bandcamp all play just fine, except for the latest one: "Net Split"

Here's what I've tried:

* Shortening the filenames, as they were quite long
* Downloading as .ogg, .mp3 and .flac
* Scrubbing the files of any unnecessary tags
* Re-encoding the files
From a technical standpoint, everything seems the same across the albums, sampling rate and all. There are no extra audio channels either.

Is there anywhere I could get maybe a log or something detailing why the Sansa Clip Zip won't play certain files?

Can you post a link to one of the files (maybe a short one) that doesn't play?  It would be surprising for mp3, flac and ogg to all have the same problem since the codecs have little in common.

I was trying to slice up some of the audio to avoid copyright violation when I noticed something really odd.

The files that won't play will actually play if I move them to another folder  ???

One of the files in question is called "01 Internet Sucks.ogg"

When it's located in "/Music/MC Frontalot/Net Split", it won't play

But when I copy/paste the file to "/Test" (from within Rockbox or from my PC) it does play.

Permissions are the same for both folders

I feel like I'm missing something obvious, but I still can't see it.

OK, I think I've found out why it won't play.

When I remove the "cover.jpg" file from the folder, all songs play as they should. Turns out that image is huge, about 6MB. Why Bandcamp would include a cover file of that size in the download is beyond me.

Could it be that player is running out of RAM trying to display such a big image? If that's the case, it would probably be useful to perform a check before attempting to display the cover image, rather than playback just failing entirely.

Could you post a link to the cover? Decoding large jpegs uses only a little ram so it should work.


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