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download error: received Http error 404?


What are you trying to tell?

Trying to use Rockbox Utility to install on XDuuox3II and receive that error.

Still way too less information.

What are you trying to install? Rockbox? Fonts? A specific theme? Something else? As in: at which step does the error occur? What OS are you using Rockbox Utility on? What version of Rockbox Utility are you using? What does the log tell (or where did you post it? Y'know, there's a "save log" button in the log window when an error occurs.) Ok, most of those would have be answered by posting the log, but well ...

Seriously, I'm not too motivated in helping if I have to drag every little detail separately.

1.4.1 RB utility, Windows 10pro Occured when installing everything.


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