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Ipod nano 1g storage upgrade (do not say you cant) need some technical help

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I've looked into doing this same thing. I agree... don't say it can't be done.

One thing I have noticed with this iPod (Nano 1st Gen) in having a few of many we own get corrupted beyond what apple can fix (itunes Win XP), the fix has been to use Linux DD command.

Look it up if not familiar but basically, it copies all partitions from one iPod Nano to another. I've done it many times and it works. I've done it on computers also. Say you have a laptop with an 80GB hard drive and want everthing the same but with a 2TB hard drive. Easy.

Remove the drives, plug them into another computer and use DD the 80GB to the new 2TB. Put the 2TB drive into the laptop and now you have everything as it was (all boot sectors, OSs, and data) but with way more capacity.

I would think, if the flash is electronically compatible and software is the limitation, DD could be used to copy all boot and OS partitions (usually 2 partitions on a Nano) to another chip.


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