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What to adjust in theme files to support different resolutions?


Just wanted to see if there is a simple way or not to adjust the base or any custom theme of a player (let's say agptek rocker) and adjust a parameter or more to work with a player that has a different resolution? like if say the rocker has 320x240 res, what do i adjust in the theme files to make it like 1280x720? I'm new to themes by the way. Thanks for any good replies.

It's generally not as simple as changing a couple of parameters, but for some themes it's probably fairly simple.

First the backdrop would have to be adjusted to the right dimensions. Then the coordinates of all the viewports would have to be changed. Also the size of the icons and fonts might have to be adjusted for it to look right.
There is fairly extensive documentation in the manual, just keep in mind that certain aspects of theming don't apply to all targets and each manual only discusses the info which is relevant.
Also check this page in the wiki.


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