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Adding tags to untaggable files


Hey, I have a pretty large amount of songs as .nsf, and those don't have any tags on them. Is there a tool I can use to specifically use with rockbox so that it can just, add them to an album or something?

Edit: never mind, .nsf files indeed have metadata; mine just don't. Anyone know a music program or library tool that can mass edit information on nsf files? i was just using VLC but they can only edit one file's metadata at a time...

foobar2000 is pretty useful, especially once you've installed the game sound format plugins.

foobar2000 appears to have added tags, but it doesn't seem to have altered the files themselves; so the tags haven't carried over to rockbox. Unless there's some tool specifically I have to use with foobar to get the music info over?

Didn't realize this, but in the Game Emu plugin settings you actually have to enable writing tags specifically for .nsf files (and only them).  Maybe there is some compatibility issues with NSF tags on some software?  Testing in rockbox the tags it writes work correctly.

the tagging for NSF files are super restrictive; it's like, 3 things. Song name, writer, and copywright I think? So al the tags you assign in foobar usually do nothing because almost all of them literally cannot be applied to the file. (also where's this setting in foobar to enable writing? can't find it)
Edit: nvm, found it
Edit2: As a note; many people dump nsf files from actual nes games themselves, and want to make sure the hash checks out. Might be a reason why? Although it seems strange that it only does that to nsf specifically


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