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iRiver H300 OTG support: do we want this?


While I was reviewing the target in depth I discovered that there is no support for the OTG on this target other than to put the chip to sleep. In effect the Media/Device port is unable to used at present. It is also limited to USB 1.1 speeds so it has limited utility outside of a few use cases that don't need high bandwidth to work well. Is this something that we want to support?

I also realized that there's a few problems with trying to support this chip, mostly to do with rockbox's architectural design. It generally only supports USB through a single port; either hardware controlled USB or software controlled through an OTG chip but not both on the same target. However the H300 is a weird hybrid. It includes 2 USB ports. One is for the OTG chip and then there's the hardware controlled port which does the UMS for this target and also allows charging over USB. So how would we support both in the same target given the architectural design?

I would like some thoughts from our users on whether this is something worth trying to implement or not. As for the use case, it would allow you to use the HID driver and possibly other drivers we haven't written yet. Some have been wanting to add USB Audio support which only needs USB 1.1.

Go on.  You know you want to!

Actually it would be great to make Rockbox for the H300 series as feature complete as possible when compared to the original firmware.  USB OTG is certainly useful on devices with no network capability.

Hey braewoods,

actually I appreciate your work on the bootloader v8 for iRiver H1xx and H3xx Players and at the moment I have multiple H3XX on my desk in different conditions.

A use case would certainly be to sync (I mean copy) rockbox config files from one H3xx to another H3xx to have both players setup identically for testing.

Another use case I can think of would be to share other small data between H3xx users like PGP encryption keys for email (or is this going to be outdated with the advent of Messengers?). And following the idea, it might serve even as a TOTP generator together with an USB key (for 2FA cases). I don't know which other requirements have to be met to act as TOTP generator...?

Actually sync. Music over the OTG between multiple players would be the use case most wanted.

Some of my friends have iRiver players, too. And share music directly via OTG ... wow.

So thumbs up for the OTG implementation! THANKS


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