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Songs Skip back and forth mid song

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Earlier this year I bought an upgraded 5th generation iPod that has been upgraded to 256 gigs on eBay. I installed Rockbox and I love the format, but a majority of the albums I upload skip when I play them but not in a normal way. Example, I can be listening to !ercyful Fate and half way through the song it will play a section of a Miles Davis song from another folder on the iPod for five seconds and then go back to the Mercyful Fate song.

My preferred file format is AAC but it also does it when I rip them to mp3s? When I google this nobody else seems to have reported this? Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated.

It's the solid state storage. Are you running the current build? There have been improvements in the last few weeks for 3rd party storage.

I am going to reinstall it today to be sure I have the current build. Hopefully it’s that simple!

I use 5.5th generation iPod having the same problem. It uses iFlash-QUAD.
Initialized with itunes. The Rockbox version is 3.15. I haven't tried the old version.
It happens regardless of codecs like flac and mp3.

3.15 is over a year old.  It predates the improvements referred to above by a year.  Suggest you try a more recent development version.

I assume you are syncing in OF mode?  Tarkan adaptors aren't supported fully by Rockbox when it comes to writing to the storage.  Usually the problem you describe occurs if you sync in rockbox mode.


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