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new iRiver H100, H120, H300 V8 bootloaders released

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This is great news! Thanks for your hard work.

my H340 runs a 200GB microSD which is awesome. Any additional FW work is welcome :)

Thank you very much for these bootloaders.  I just noticed them today so updated my H140 to the latest daily build, updated the bootloader and then rsync'd the previously installed 128GB KingSpec 1.8" SSD over to a 512GB microsd and used a 50 pin IDE to CF adapter, and a CF to SD adapter and a SD to microSD adapter (!) to upgrade my H140 to 512GB.  It works great, boots in a fraction of a second from ROM and is super responsive.  I'm really pleased and amazed that this 15 year old player is still getting better thanks to Rockbox and a few easy hardware mods. I'm about to buy its 4th battery.  And it got a little lighter every time I upgraded from HDD to SSD to microSD.

Thank you very much for your incredible work!

I am currently reactivating my 18 years old H320 and patched it with the v8 bootloader. Unfortunately, the H320 does not start at all after the patch (the screen remains completely black). Connecting the USB cable does not cause any sign of life either.  The only way to force the device to start is to press the reset button when the cable is connected (power supply or USB). Then the original firmware starts. On a Windows PC, I then took a look at the contents of the hard drive. There was a ".trash" folder that my MAC created. After I deleted it, Rockbox suddenly started. But the joy was short-lived. After I turned off the H320, it did not start again.

I have now installed the bootloader v6 (edit: okay, it seems to be v5) as a test. Now everything runs fine. How can this be? I wanted to change to a 256GB SD card. Therefore I would probably need the v8, right?

Edit: For both bootloader versions I used the fwpatcher.exe with an original H300.HEX of the 1.29J version. I used this one for the v8:

Could it possibly be that the version in fwpatcher.exe is corrupt? I would like to test this with the iriver_flash plugin. Where exactly can I find that? Is there somewhere a manual how to use it?

I found out how to use the flashing plugin and tried to flash my H320 with the v8. Unfortunately, with the same result as before. After flashing, the device can only be started with a reset while the cable is plugged in with the original firmware. Something does not fit there apparently. As an interim solution I have now chosen the existing patched variant of the v5 firmware. Also works so far without problems.

I doubt it. But I no longer own an H320 or H340 so I can't test this anymore. But based on what you described, I wonder if the internal storage has issues now. In any case the V8 bootloader should work. I recall it having a USB mode when first plugged in from being off. In the event a rockbox ROM / RAM image has been flashed it should also produce a boot menu. Were you using a recent Rockbox build?


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