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new iRiver H100, H120, H300 V8 bootloaders released

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Dear all,

for my H120 and H140 devices I have flashed the bootloader v8 and also ROM and RAM and everthing works flawlessly with CF/SD Mod and also old HDD and Kingston 64GB SSD.

But my H320 and H340 do have problems when booting with bootloader v8 was flashed. I have the same issues like benH320 posted earlier in this thread. Which is upon Play button press the HDD spins up, but no screen is coming on and the player can only be recovered (to boot to original iRiver firmware) by a reset with either USB or DC charger being connected. I've had this problem with both 1.29EU and 1.28EU Version of the original iRiver Firmware and the latest dev-build (i.e. today) from the Rockbox-Utility (Windows).

However, when HOLD was on, I saw the bootloader v8 Message on lit display that HOLD switch is on and the player shutdown.

As a partial workaround for my H320 I found that the following method worked once:

* Put HOLD on
* Press Play button to start the player
* Just the moment when the screen comes on switch the HOLD to off (it needs some practice to time it right)
* The screen comes on and shows the bootloader 8 start message
* Rockbox boot loader
* Version 8
* Batt: 4.10 V
* Loading ...
* If the HOLD switch timing was right, then the rockbox firmware is loaded from HDD or CF/SD card
This worked for me one day and then fixed the problem until I charged (DC plug) the H320 (original iRiver Charging Screen was shown). Then the player had the same issues like before and the above described workaround did not work anymore.

I did not dare to flash ROM or RAM on my H320 to get rid of the original iRiver firmware because I have a bad feeling about the bootloader v8 not working properly...

I also tried the following

* startup of rockbox with bootloader v5
* iriver_flash of bootloader v8which didn't solve the problem.

Any ideas what could be the problem of not booting after v8 bootlader was flashed from iRiver firmware?


--- Quote from: braewoods on September 22, 2022, 01:13:06 PM ---I wonder if the internal storage has issues now. In any case the V8 bootloader should work. I recall it having a USB mode when first plugged in from being off. In the event a rockbox ROM / RAM image has been flashed it should also produce a boot menu.
--- End quote ---

So I just thought okay let's flash the damn ROM and RAM and yes it is a boot menu being produced upon HOLD on and Play power up.

* Surprisingly I can only boot to rockbox via the RAM image.
* Booting from ROM produces the message: "Executing Command ..." and then nothing happens. It needs a reset buttons push to be booted again.
* Booting from DISK produces the message: "I0B: Line-F at 003F548C" and then nothing furhter happens. It needs a reset buttons push to be booted again.
* Booting with HOLD off results in a blank screen, however I can hear the HDD spinning. It needs a reset buttons push to be booted again.
So I hope the Error-Code contains some information to tackle the problem?

I have now two H300 players that have the exact same symptoms when flashing the v8 bootloader...

--- Quote from: benH320 on September 04, 2022, 07:13:42 PM ---Could it possibly be that the version in fwpatcher.exe is corrupt? I would like to test this with the iriver_flash plugin. Where exactly can I find that? Is there somewhere a manual how to use it?

I found out how to use the flashing plugin and tried to flash my H320 with the v8. Unfortunately, with the same result as before. After flashing, the device can only be started with a reset while the cable is plugged in with the original firmware. Something does not fit there apparently. As an interim solution I have now chosen the existing patched variant of the v5 firmware. Also works so far without problems.

--- End quote ---

Anyone any idea what might prevent the successful usage of the v8 bootloader? I mean earlier in the thread some people reported success with v8...

Thanks for your contributions to the iriver bootloaders and making them much more viable and capable!

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