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Sansa Zip Clip: PANIC when connecting to USB


Two days ago I have installed the latest Rockbox dev build.
But i have also cleaned up the root directory on the device.

I'm afraid i might have deleted too many files. Deleted files are: MTABLES.SYS, SYS_CONF.SYS and UPGRADE.SYS.
I think DID.bin is still there.
What are the required files that must be in the root dir? And how do i install them again?

Edit: I have another Rockboxed Sansa Zip Clip, so i can get the missing files from that player.

The device still works and plays music. However when connecting it to a pc it goes into PANIC.

Stkov USB
pc: 30078e14 sp:3
bt end

You don't need any of those files.

Stack overflow in the USB thread is an interesting error. Canyou reboot into the sandisk firmware and check the file system for errors?

Edit: Nevermind I see this was a big introduced the other day and fixed this morning. Reboot into the sandisk firmware and update the build.

Yeah, when reporting a bug against an older dev build, please update to the latest before reporting a bug.

I _think_ this is now fixed, but I don't have any way of testing this on your specific hardware.

Thanks a lot for your help and fix!

It works again after copying the newest rockbox.sansa file.

I was not aware of the bug. Actually, I was expecting the deletion of the files was the cause of the issue.


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