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Problem using Save EQ Preset

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Thanks bluebrother. I used that newer version of Rockbox Utility to download the latest dev version of Rockbox to my iPod. But I still have the same problem.  I enter the Graphical EQ menu option and modify the Gain, Cutoff and Q, then exit and go to Save EQ Preset. I use the virtual keyboard to enter the file name "/.rockbox/eqs/RAC" then, while the screen cursor is on the filename line, press Play to save. I then get the message "Failed". Did I do something basic wrong?
PS The shutdown command used to be one long press of Play but that function no longer works in this latest dev version. What is the shutdown command now, please? Thanks, Richard

Sorry, scrub that last question about shutdown. I just remembered it won't shut down while connected to power supply.


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