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i tried everything :'( but still cant turn it ON :'( pleasEe help MEE

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first i installed rockbox to my ipod ( 30gb photo ) then its works fine !! after that i updated my ipod using ipod uptader when it finished i removed my ipod from my computer then i tried to turn it on BUT a wall adapter appeared :'( i charged it by using a external charger ( i read it from ipl forums). but i still cant turn it on. i tried to enter disc mode but wall charger is still there :'( i can only enter diagnostics mode but it isnt usefull. please tell me what to do and dont let me spent a lot of money by sending it to service. :'(

Try entering disk mode a few more times, and be careful about it. There should _never_ be a time that you cannot get to disk mode.

i tried it over 99999999999 times when i press center + play wall charger appears again ... when i plug it to computer emty battery appears .. BUT i charged it 3 days :'(

So, it goes into disk mode and then shows a chargin icon, or what? "Wall charger appears" doesn't tell me if it's in the black and white disk mode, the Apple firmware disk mode, or what.

Please, describe clearly what happens. Have you tried plugging in a USB cable while in this mode?

when i try to enter disc mode it doesnt opens and wall charger appears ipod pass disc mode screen  ... im so tired to work on it !!! please dont say me charge it or enter disc mode :'( it needs something reaAlllyyyYy different :'(


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