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Player won't read audiobooks or files longer than 14 hours. [SOLVED]


Hi there,
I have an iPod 6G, 160GB model, and i installed rockbox less than a month ago.

I am having problems playing audiobooks i made at home. I make them always the same quality and settings (text to speech app, sorta), and many at a time, so the files have nothing different from each other other than the length. So i made three books the last go, they were like 8h, 15h and 21h. I don't think the files are over a GB any of them.

When i wanted to play the second one after finishing the one 8h long, the player skipped it and started playing a random one (maybe i have set shuffle on), so i tried selecting the file manually, only to see it jumping another two files until it "landed" in one. I started hitting the Next button to see what happened, and anything beyond 14h was skipped. The longest file that started playing was 13h. The files can be read, show settings and everything. Also they play as expected on the computer.

I don't know if theres any kind of workaround or if i should split every one that exceeds 14h (i have no way of knowing how long will it turn out until it's done, so it's pretty tedious.)
Thanks in beforehand. :)

What file type?


Okay, so the problem was the codec itself. It seems that whatever format iTunes uses, mp4, aac... is more oriented to streaming, and Rockbox fails to read it.
It seems that if i reencode the same file to OGG with any settings, it is able to play it no problem.

Although it starts playing i am not 100% sure how will it respond over the 14h timetag. I will try to follow this thread up a little bit the next weekend, when i finish listening to the audiobook.

Thanks again!  ;)

Yes, there is a finite amount of memory available for storing the MP4 seek table, so you are limited in how long the file can be.


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