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[Theme Update] A MusicPod v1.1 - Slight Redesign and Asian Font Support!


A MusicPod
A minimalistic Apple Music inspired, RockBox theme

A little history
Hello everyone, a little while ago I decided to modify my favorite Rockbox theme for it to display the full album artwork of albums. I got the hang of theme coding for RB so I decided to build what is my take of: What would Apple do?
This is the result:

A lot of people are enjoying already, and today I'm releasing v1.1 with Asian Font support that, due to it's size, requires manual installation: instructions on the README file in the ZIP.

The Dark version is available as 1.0 still, I've updated it to v1.1 but haven't done the toned down RB site version yet. So hang on a bit. I'll update the post here when it's available.

I'm working on concepts for v1.2 on which I'll have completely redesigned icons and a few more surprises.
So consider supporting me on
You'll get:

* Early Access to Builds as you wish
* Custom Theme Boot Screen (YES!!)

Really pretty theme – thanks a lot for that!

Looking forward to the next version that I hear you're working on! Fyi, the current one that's up on the Rockbox theme page doesn't display the sbs background image, because the file is in the wrong folder ("backgrounds" instead of "backdrops").

I'm currently using a slight variation of your theme that I've modified according to my taste.  :)

If you're interested and weren't aware of it, by the way,  you can use blank icons to create whitespace inside of the selection rectangle on its left side , so that the text doesn't bump up against the edge there.

Thought it may be different enough at this point to justify publishing my variation, so here it goes: . I've chosen to replace SF with a free anti-aliased typeface that I've converted using convttf (included with Rockbox), which I think looks pretty nice.

The code is largely rewritten, e.g. the SBS is now also displayed on the WPS. There are a few other subtle design and behavior changes. Check it out if you're interested. I'd like to replace the icons at some point to make them larger and easier to interpret at a glance, and display the sleep timer, but haven't had the motivation to do so yet.


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