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Yes it's a great feature.  Try out the site  .  Assuming you can get the graph to the correct settings you can choose to export/download a rockbox eq file.

I think if you correctly install and run the AutoEq command-line app it has the option to output a rockbox eq file as well. 

The web app is probably faster though.

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Oh thanks, I had no idea this existed

I'm gonna go ahead and post it in this thread as well,
I received an aigo eros q running 1.9 firmware
To install the native port, the patched bootloader on the wiki gives a nand error
This works (taken from the thread dedicated to this error)

By the way, can anyone with an eros q and 3D printing/design skills design a new back cover?
While I was able to (mostly) nondestructively remove it, it was still a pain in the ass and it has these melted on plastic rivets. You need to pry off the glued on plastic covering, and basically break off the rivets for the actual backing underneath.
A simple back cover that just screws on is much better for serviceability

Hi everyone!

I just recently bought myself a HIFI Walker H2 with firmware v. 1.5.

I would like to install a native version of Rockbox on the thing, however, I'd much prefer Rockbox to be the only bootable option, bypassing or discarding the original firmware completely.

As shown in this Jztool article section here ( ), the current recovery menu contains just too many options, many of which I don't really need.

As I primarily intend to use it with wired headphones and an SD card, I am not concerned about losing the Bluetooth connectivity, as well as USB OTG functionality.

Is there a bootloader configuration or an alternative firmware file which would allow me to accomplish just that? Thanks.

Thats exactly what the native install does, boots directly into rockbox

I just got an AIGO EROS Q and tried to install the native port on it. Bootloader backup and installation went well, but I am unable to boot into Rockbox. I get the message "Error loading Rockbox. File not found."

The SD card is inserted, formatted with MBR and FAT32. I unzipped to the root of the SD card (.rockbox is there right next to bootloader.erosq and erosqnative-boot.bin). What I am missing?


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