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Thanks for the suggestion but I’m not using the database. This crashing is only while using the file tree browser.
I’ve never initialized the database either.


--- Quote from: dconrad on May 06, 2023, 09:55:02 AM ---That is a lot of folders! One more idea - have you tried turning off Directory Cache? I'm not actually sure what effect it may or may not have, but I would be interested to hear if it changed the behavior in any way.

--- End quote ---

I tried turning it off and it made browsing the file tree very very slow and nearly unusable. Maybe the issue is that the directory cache is not able to handle that many folders and when I'm browsing with the option on it's behaving as if it were off and causing errors/crashing.



--- Quote from: vkrasov on September 28, 2022, 09:40:54 AM ---Here is the 1.5 firmware for HiFi Walker H2:

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Please can you clarify: is this an original firmware version 1.5 for the HiFi Walker H2? I want to make sure I have a backup before trying to install Rockbox. If it isn't, could you please advise how I can extract it off my new player or download it somewhere? Thanks![/s]

[UPDATE] RTFM, I guess... I see that 'user1975' in reply #217 kindly uploaded the original firmware and 'mrsubway' in reply #179 gave some clear & succinct instructions to do the install, which worked well for my new HiFi Walker H2 with the 1.5.01Beta firmware.  Thanks for your guidance.

A couple years ago, AIGO released an EROS Q II, in two variants -- one that looks the same as the old one, and one without most of the controls, replacing it with a touch-senisitive area.  I don't know how the underlying hardware compares to the first-generation, though they made a big deal about how it's more capable, and it also utilizes an ESS 9118 DAC.

Last night I discovered that they're also selling an EROS Q v2.0, and that is based on the same X1000+hibyplayer architecture as the original -- And I know this because there's a firmware update file for it.  I wasn't able to sufficiently navigate the chinese-only website to find pictures, but based on photos on Aliexpress it seems to be similar to the updated Hifiwalker H2, sporting a USB-C port.  (The Q II still has a micro-B USB port)

I should be able to patch the Q v2.0 image to enable the hosted port to run on it.

Hi, so this is my first time installing rockbox on anything. I have the HIFI Walker H2 1.5 Firmware. Everything has been going smoothly until I try and use the .upt file after using the Utility Tool. I run the update and get "v_v Failed" Everytime I try and run the update any help?


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