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Were there any folks in here with the native port installed on their players? If someone wants to test out a new bootloader which supports booting into the OF it would be helpful.

Basically I just need someone to use jztool to load up this bootloader build and see if the Aigo Player option works. There's no need to actually install it on your player unless you really want to.

It works really well on my player, but I don't know for sure that it will work on others so it's probably good to test.

It corresponds to change #4394 on gerrit.

By the way, I've added installation instructions for the Eros Q native port to the Rockbox wiki:

If there is anybody in here with the Native port, it now supports dual-booting into the original firmware!

Here is a download of the bootloader build:

Instructions are, as amachronic said above, listed in the wiki.


--- Quote from: dconrad on April 01, 2022, 01:03:07 PM ---If there is anybody in here with the Native port, it now supports dual-booting into the original firmware!

--- End quote ---

I just got one from Amazon with OF version 2.7 on it.  I was able to do the manual "update" down to the pre-patched dual-booting 2.5 firmware; the boot sequence seems to work fine, both for booting into Rockbox as well as into the OF.  However as soon as I attempt to start playback on a music file in Rockbox, it crashes with a segmentation fault error message (after which any button press will reboot the unit).  Is this some known issue / limitation?  Is it due to downgrading from a higher OF version?  (I did confirm that music playback in the OF, 2.5 version, works fine, with the same file(s)).

ETA: ugh -- I'm really sorry, in my haste I forgot to mention that the actual unit I got was the Surfans F20.  Maybe the firmware numbers I listed were enough info for some readers, but I'm not sure, and no idea why I didn't include that originally.  Also I'm not sure why I replied to a comment about the Native port, as I definitely installed the hosted port.

Also: if anyone's interested, the RockboxUtility installer *definitely* seemed to not want to work on this player out-of-box.  I provided RBUtil with the "original" 2.5 version firmware from the Surfans website (despite the player already being at version 2.7), and RBUtil basically just crashes and disappears after providing the firmware file.  As I mentioned above, manually updating with the pre-patched Rockbox "2.5" version worked.  Just in case someone wants to look into this, and/or have me try something different for debugging reasons.

It sounds like you're on the hosted port rather than the native port, is that right? if you installed with the pre-patched firmware version, that is the hosted port. Does the Rockbox/OF select screen come up every time you boot the player?

As for the segmentation fault error message, that is a new one. Just to try to narrow down the situation, were you trying to play a file from the file browser or from the database? What file type and how long is it, and are there any special characters in the folder or file name?


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