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iPod Video 5.5gen, iFlash 128GB, Battery Status not dispalying correctly?

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Forgive me if this issue has already been addressed, I did a quick search but didn't find anything that seemed related.

I have a iPod Video, and so far I'm really thrilled with the results of the hardware with rockbox!

However I've noticed that the battery status/percentage, only updates when the device boots or when charging. During normal use the percentage stays at whatever it read when the device booted. Any idea why this would be happening? I removed and reinstalled rockbox but the behavior persists.

Currently Running Version 1f9e16e4df-200920
Stock iPod Video 30gb battery (soon to be replaced by a 3000mAh once it arrives.
iPod Video 5.5Gen Model:MA446LL A1136
iFlash Solo with 128GB Sandisk Ultra Micro SD card.

My iPod Mini is doing the same thing. I wonder if something has changed in a recent build.

Does the debug menu show the current battery status?  (I don't have an iPod to test on)

Well shoot, I just downgraded to 3.14 so now I can't test for you. Apologies.

But I can confirm that battery level works properly again in 3.14.

NOPE JUST KIDDING, the battery meter is stuck again. It looks like having the database "auto update" enabled is causing both the battery meter and the disk indicator to get stuck.

It also seems that the database update function in general, even just invoking through the settings menu, is causing the battery and disk meters to get stuck. This also causes the shutdown to take a significantly longer amount of time.


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