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How to manipulate theme color settings


Why can I not get this statement (or any variation of it) to work?

%Vf(%ss(0,6,%St(line separator color),number))

The closest I can get is

%?if(%ss(0,1,%St(background color),number),>,9)<%Vf(000000)|%Vf(ffffff)>

i.e. it seems to recognise the entity 'background color', but not 'line separator color', and it allows conditional statements based on the retrieved colors but doesn't let you use them directly within a %Vf() statement.

Is it that 'line separator color' is only defined for certain targets?

OK, solved it myself - it's actually "list separator color" not "line separator color" (though it's referred to as the latter in the settings/theme settings/colours menu - presumably a typo/bug?)

I still can't figure out how to do this - does anyone know how it is done?

Want to achieve the effect of

%Vf(%St(list separator color))

But that syntax doesn't seem to be accepted.

Is there a way to put something other than a string literal into a %Vf() statement?


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