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XDUOO X3, JZ4760B trying to get manual need someone with access to wechat


Hi everyone

I've managed to find a supplemental manual for the JZ4760B

I asked ingenic directly but they told me they don't support the
processor anymore so apparently we need to go though other channels

Ive found the manual in 3 places (Chinese file serving websites)

Unfortunately at least one is behind a pay wall and the other two at least require a login

If someone knows someone who can get this manual I (we'd) really appreciate the help

JZ4760B Mobile Application Processor User Interfaces Programming Manual
size 2.16 MB
NOTE: this is the supplemental manual for UI not the one we have already.

Does this help?

Not sure how to get the PDF but at least its readable. 

Edit:  I see, only the first 120 pages.

yeah I made the same mistake all the stuff we want to know is in the last 1/3

Did you check here?

P.S. Oh I see you did check there :) So just ignore it...

tried asking here for ya but he didnt have anything more than there ftp.

all the best with your quest


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