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Goal: Make the most advanced modern-style Rockbox theme ever.
Features a clean, but sophisticated and considered design. It took lots of exploitation, "engineering",
and countless hours of work to get Rockbox to behave and look like this.

Finally a good font
The font used in this theme features a custom-made mix of Hiragino and San Francisco fonts.
The result is a clearly legible, well-anti-aliased look, with support for Japanese, Chinese and Unicode symbols.`

The hold switch has added functionality:
- Hold on the [While Playing Screen] to hide the song information and view artwork.
- Hold on the [Main Menu] to see a lock screen.
- Hold in the [Files] or [Database] menus to view what's Playing Next (avoid "hovering" over a list item that scrolls).

FreshOS Requires Manual Installation
Due to the size of the theme (2mb), Rockbox's theme website doesn't want to accept it.
Therefore, Manual installation is required.

Install instructions are included within the pack.

FreshOS Plus
I would really appreciate your support at my patreon!
I promise this theme will be worthy of your coins!

Patrons can access and download an extra file which enables:

- Smoother, higher quality graphics achieved via dithering (A method to get smoother images on displays with low colour gamut)
- Customisable accent colors
- Sound quality info bubble
- Super smooth text scrolling
- Smaller theme size using compression methods, more friendly to RAM
- Enhanced backlight behaviour
- Removed alert on USB screen, thanks for your support!

Patrons may also very possibly get more extras in the near future!

Signup to my patreon

Looks amazing. I am looking forward to try this out. Will there also be  touch enabled theme?

I don't have a touch enabled player, soo this sounds very unlikely

For some reason the menu screen part won't work for me.

Comes out looking like the attached screenshot.  As if the SBS file is ignored.

Try installing it again, it seems to work for me...

Did you place all files in the correct places?


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