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Hey i've recently had a problem on my iPod Video (5th gen) where the album art for newly added songs always reverts to the album art of a David Bowie album, ive deleted and re initialized the database as well as manually deleting it. im not sure what to do and any help is appreciated!

Thanks in advance

How are your files organised?

Their all in one big folder, they are all correctly tagged by mp3tag. their file names are Artist - Song.mp3

If they are all in one big folder rockbox is likely just picking up whatever is the cover.jpg or folder.jpg art in that folder, which would be the same for all of them.

More common arrangement would be to have a folder for each album (as a sub-folder of each artist folder), and a cover.jpg file in each album folder.

Do you have embedded art in the files?  I am not sure which rockbox gives priority to if there's both embedded art _and_ folder art.  And also embedded art only works if it's non-progressive jpg.

It's all embedded. it was working fine but now anything without cover art just gets given the cover art from that album


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